Picture by Kristof Vrancken

Algae clean the air by acting as a carbon particle filter, they are completely biodegradable and are locally available on a global scale. These unique material properties are particularly interesting for product and system innovations. To research the potential for algae as a sustainable resource Circle Sector collaborated with Z33, Atelier Luma an Ecover

This collaboration resulted in a workshop at the LUCA School Of Arts in Genk, where product design students experimented with 3D printing of bioplastic filament made from micro algae developed by Atelier Luma. A series of conceptual packaging prototypes made from algae were printed for detergent brand Ecover. These bioplastic prototypes represent a production system that reinforces the ecological and economical ecosystem of a region. An alternatieve to production systems that use petroleum based plastics and focus on recycling. The prototypes were presented as a part of Atelier Luma’s exhibition format at the Eco Visionaries exhibition in London and the World Economic forum in Davos.

Picture by Claire Dekens