A resource map, lab and studio focused on shaping circular ecosystems on a regional scale


Circle Sector is a resource map, lab and studio at the LUCA School Of Arts in Genk (BE) that aims to shape circular ecosystems on a regional scale.

Our current way of designing, making and using things follows a linear take-make-dispose pattern. As natural resources run out, waste streams pollute our collective environment and global supply chains collaps redesigning the lineair pattern becomes a matter of survival.  In contrast to the globalized linear economy, Circle Sector aims to shape circular ecosystems that (re)connect human and non-human resources in a regional context in order to develop a more resilient society.



Circle Sector supports industries, scientists, policy makers and citizens to facilitate the transition from a linear towards a circular economy. To accelerate this transition Circle Sector developed an ecosystem methodology. This method starts with mapping resources in a regional context that can be reconnected to design circular products, services and systems. Thematic labs are organized to experiment and discovered the potential of these regional resources. Pilot projects are developed to test and implement the potential of circular business models. The Circle Sector platform is used to share the insights developed during the iterative process of mapping, prototyping and piloting. Throughout this process we aim to inspire action in the form of reports, talks, workshops and exhibitions. All of our resources, labs and studios are part of our ongoing research, we are always open for ideas to collaborate and elaborate on them.